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Series 5 Starts the week of May 1st

Mondays at 7 pm Virtual

Wednesdays at 5:30 pm  In-Person-Greenwood

Thursdays at 6pm In-Person- Northside

After the death of my parents, I struggled to find myself again, to regain balance. I couldn't regulate my nervous system at all.  I had been on "alert" for 3 years.  I didn't know how to turn it off.  

I felt alone.  I didn't resonate with support groups.  I was drowning, waves of grief would wash over me and I didn't always know what to do.  Learning to live with grief and grow around it was an evolution.  In my darkest time, my school started offering yoga at a local studio.  I was looking for something.  Lifting was becoming too stressful.  I needed something that didn't stress me out.  Yoga came back to me at time I needed it most.  That place (pictured to the left)  became such a sacred place to me.  Grief became more apart of my life and less this thing outside of me.   Through yoga, I was able to integrate all of my grieving feelings into who I am and when the waves of grief would come, I knew what to do, how to be with them.


Hello Loves

I'm Page Park and I'll be your soul supporter on this journey.  My grief journey began with my divorce 9 years ago followed by the death of both of my parents 2 years apart. Then the death of my brother 2 years after the passing the last of my parents.  I was a mess of feelings, some I had stuffed, those came back like crazy later.  Other's I learned to allow to be and pass through me.  I'd give into the tears at the most awkward moments.  I would feel ok and managing one moment, then a puddle of tears the next, then I might end up laughing.  All of this was grief.  At times I felt like I was drowning.  I've been there.  Felt it all.  I understand how grief feels.  

What our
Students Say...

"I love this place.  Every class seems to meet me right where I am."


"I came in feeling sticky and emotional.  Once I left I felt so much better.  The emotions moved out.."


There are so many books, TV shows, podcasts, and movies based around grief, but none can prepare you for how messy, isolating, scary, exhausting and physically painful grief can be for you.

When you feel lost, isolated, drowning, and flailing, grief yoga can help you lean into those feelings, give you a place to feel safe and secure.  Grief yoga can meet you where you're at and give you a sense of belonging, so you feel less isolated.  It will give you a place to learn to express your grief and a safe environment to do so.  Grief is a journey.  Your own journey that only you can take, but grief yoga gives you a physical outlet for all of the baggage that grief makes you carry.  Grief yoga is a place you can breathe and feel at peace in your own skin.  Grief yoga will not take away your pain, it will teach you how to embrace it mentally and physically.  

Image by Kristina Tripkovic

"Grief yoga saved my life and my mind.  I will be forever grateful for Page and the practice she has taught me."



Do you know that
grief is love?

Grief is an expression of our love.  When we open ourselves up to love, even when the relationship is strained, or difficult, when something shifts, the person dies, the relationship ends, grief can feel so overwhelming.  It can even feel like you're drowning.  Ready to change that?  Ready to find new ways to connect with your loss, whatever it might be?

I'm here to help you through this time, give you tools to use so instead of drowning, you're swimming.

 Using yoga poses, movement, breath, and meditation I guide you through how to process your emotions.  You do not need to have a yoga practice to participate in this class, and we do not talk about anything.  You're always welcome to share at the end if something connected for you, but it is not part of this class.  This is your time.  I guide you through a practice and meditation.  You choose what you want to do and don't want to do.  We learn to tune in and listen to your body, following what your body says is needed.  If something doesn't feel right, don't do it.  This class is a space where you can come be with a supportive community.  All I ask for is your presence and when you're willing, participation. 


"Thank you for what you're doing and the space you're holding for me to finally figure  This is the most profound thing I've done in many years, and one of the few things I've done purely for myself.  I feel so good when I leave our sessions and look forward to them every week.  I'm so grateful for you.


Connect with your body

Trauma puts your head in a chaotic place, grief yoga can help you come back to your body.   You'll become more calm, focused and even-tempered.  You'll feel less stressed overall and be able to use the sessions to build on current coping skills.  

What is
Grief Yoga?

Have you experienced a loss?  Are you struggling to express your emotions or process your feelings?  Grief yoga is for people who’ve experienced any kind of grief. Join me for yoga, movement and meditation that will help move emotion through the body. Come where you are, this class is for all levels. 

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

"Grief yoga has helped me to drastically decrease my tendencies to disassociate.  For days following a session I am feeling the benefits."



6 Week Series
Each week a different Theme

Our Grief yoga class are divided into 6 week series.  Each 6 weeks will be tied together with a specific theme and we'll explore how each connects to grief and how to move through it or work with it. 

Series 1: Week of August 17-September 21th Why grief yoga, and exploration through yoga styles-Closed

Series 2: Week of October 19-November 30th Grief in the body, what's the story (No class November 2nd) 

Series 3: Week of January 1st-February 8th Grief and the 8 limbs of yoga

Series 4: Week of March 1st-April 12th Grief and  energetic body part 1 Chakras (No class March 29th, Virtual No Class March 27th)

Series 5: Week of May 1st-June 12th (no class week of May 29th Grief and the energetic body part 2 Koshas

Series 6: Week of July 10th-August 17nd Making peace with grief through yoga 

*some dates subject to change

$150 for 6 Weeks


I love attending Grief Yoga with Page! In the beginning, I was very anxious and petrified to attend, because I have never done Yoga, and you know, grief in itself. I have experienced a horrible trauma that has left me with an abundance amount of grief! Attending these Grief Yoga sessions have given me something to do. Page makes these sessions relaxing and non-judgmental! I love the atmosphere and knowing that I’m not alone! The sessions also help in ways that I am not helping myself take control of the grief. I am super grateful that our lives crossed paths and the sessions are super beneficial! I wish I would’ve known about it sooner! With love and gratitude, xoxo,  


House Plants and Candle


If you or someone you know would like to come, but can't afford it click the link below, scholarships available.

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