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December 21, 6:30 PM, 
A Free Virtual Event

Special Event
Winter Solstice 
Virtual Mini Retreat 

Winter Solstice

Ready to slow down from the season?  The winter solstice gives us an opportunity to do just that.  Self-care can sometimes take a back seat during the holidays.  This mini-retreat is a time to slow down and reflect on the last year you've had, the life you want to create and how to connect the dots to get there.  

Frozen Berries

A Meditative
Soul Journey

Winter is a time of hibernation and reflection.  We'll use this as our foundation to explore our own darkness.  Don't be afraid, darkness isn't scary and the more we seek our dark, the lighter it becomes. Using journaling and movement, we'll look at our inner winter.  


Hello Loves

I'm Page Park, founder of Tulsi Rose Yoga and I'll be your guide during this event.  Gratitude has been a huge part of my daily practice.  For the last several years, I have kept a gratitude journal and worked toward infusing an element of gratitude toward all that I do.  It is with this intention that I bring this special even to you.  

Antique Lanterns on Copper Tray

This is this for you if you...

want to add or explore ritual in your life

want to expand your yoga practice

want to learn more

want to experience more connection with others and yourself

need some time to rest and reset

Winter Solstice
Reflect, Release, Let go
 Virtual Mini-Retreat Celebration

What is the Winder Solstice?

On this night, the sun travels it's shortest path.  We will use this time to reflect, care for ourselves on this short day/long night.  We will use the stillness of winter to reflect on the last year, release and let go of anything we don't want to take into the next.

Image by lilartsy
What our Students Say...

"I love this place.  Every class seems to meet me right where I am."


"I came in feeling sticky and emotional.  Once I left I felt so much better.  The emotions moved out.."


Winter Solstice

"On the Shortest day

and longest night...

Keep your inner light

shining bright."

~ by Nell Regan

Artificial snowflakes

"I just wanted to say a sincere thank you for what you’re doing and the space you’re holding for me to finally figure out…me. This is the most profound thing I’ve done in many years, and one of the few things I’ve done purely for myself. I feel so good when I leave our sessions and look forward to them every week. I’m so grateful for you. "



Reflect, Release, Let Go 
A Mini Retreat

Using gratitude as a guide, we'll dive into a time of self-discovery to prepare for the upcoming winter.  Like the sun, we'll balance the nervous system with a short hatha yoga flow.  Explore light and dark in our lives, balance the masculine/feminine that lives in us all,  You will leave balanced and ready for the upcoming change in season.

A Free Virtual Event

Candles and Ornaments


If you or someone you know would like to come, but can't afford it click the link below, scholarships available.

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